Modest Swimwear 

 Frum doesn't mean Frumpy 

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Frum, Not Frumpy

Ladies can now look great in the water, with a wide choice of stylish swimwear and modern fabrics.

Smart People Cover Up

Intelligent folks who do their water sports in style, wear comfy swim shirts and anoraks that dry fast and give protection from the sun's UV rays and jellyfish.

Ideas For Men

Inspired by the surfer look, men tend to cover up more in the water. Create your own style from T-shirts, sportswear, and jeans. Express yourself with a wide range of comfy swimwear.

Fun For Teens

Most teenagers enjoy swimming in clothes while they get used to the changes of puberty, as long as they look cool.

Welcome to our Modest Swimwear Blog

Frum doesn't mean frumpy. Modest swimwear can look stunning too and is now a growing trend, even outside the religious communities.

More people are now looking at modest swimwear for convenience, style and sun protection.

A good supply of modest swimwear for women is on the market, but not yet for men.

On this website we show you a variety of wholesome clothes you can wear in the water.

Anoraks and Pants

Anoraks and matching pants are a good compromise between bulk and versatility, great for many splash sports.

Ponchos and Capes

Ponchos are really "cool" now, especially for men. A few influential designers send a quirky and practical article of clothing down the runway, high-fashion magazines enthusiastically push it, a celebrity is photographed wearing it, and whoosh, a new controversial trend is born.

Adventure Clothes

The long cagoules are great for hiking and other outdoor pursuits. Very popular in the 1980's they are still made by specialist companies.

Reader Comment

I work with boats on the beach, getting in and out of the water all day long. My loose fitting anorak and pants give me the sun protection I need.
~ Ramon, Boracay, Philippines.

Swim Shirts

Swim shirts are growing rapidly in popularity now. There are many names for fairly similar garments, like rashie, rashy, rash vest, or surf shirt, but they may refer to different uses. We hope to clarify this a bit.

Canoeing Cags

Not just for paddling, but also for adventure swimming, a robust cagoule should always be in your swimbag.


Tracksuits are robust but lightweight clothes for outdoor activities where you might get wet repeatedly. Carry a spare suit as warm up afterwards.


The ultimate swimwear for protection against jellyfish and sunburn. When your choice for sun-safe swimwear calls for total coverage, stinger suits offer ankle-to-wrist protection, an ideal safeguard from jellyfish and sunburn. These light weight full body swimsuits are great for swimming in warm and lukewarm waters.